Organisational Development

Dean Williamson, Lead coach and consultant Primitive
Organisational development and assessment

Organisational Assessment and PLANNINg

Every organisation is unique. Knowing what to focus on to improve your performance can be difficult. We can undertake an organisational assessment using our preferred holistic tool - the Reinventing Organisations Map, to create an organisational development plan.


Our organic coaching style makes workplace-embedded learning comfortable, far-reaching and effective. We use evidence-based tools and processes, but you often won't even know they're there. Are you visual? We'll use visuals. Like left-brained structure and processing? We'll do that instead. We'll flex with you as you grow.


A business without a vision is like a ship without a sail. We specialise in goals - clear, meaningful, measurable goals supported by detailed action. This is best developed in consultation with your stakeholders, and we can take you right through the process, and get you sailing again.

CULTURE and Change

Culture is the much-touted hero of great businesses. But it's also akin to the current in a river - you can see its effects, but how do you see, understand and harness it? We've seen the great, the average and the bad. We'll help you assess your culture through interviews, analysis and observation, and support you to make the changes necessary to unlock the untapped potential of culture.