The following are some quotes and statistics from clients. Most 'client' pages are a waste of time - a hand-picked selection of marketing-driven grabs. Ours isn't. We believe in transparency, and we're only as good as our last performance. So you can rest assured that they are real, and we like publishing the things we need to improve, not just the things we want you to see. 

Key statistics

Our performance metrics as at May 2019: 

  • 94% of consultation clients (projects that required specialised designs, such as evaluations, reports, youth consultations etc) surveyed agreed that the project's key outcomes had been met;

  • 94% of consultation clients agreed that they would use Primitive again for a future project, and would recommend us to others.

  • 100% of strategic planning clients agreed that the planning process and supplied materials met their key outcomes;

  • 100% agreed that they would use Primitive again for future planning, and would recommend us to others.

  • 91% of coaching clients agreed that the coaching met their key outcomes;

  • 95% of coaching clients agreed that they were happy with their progress and achievements as a result of coaching;

  • 100% of coaching clients agreed that they would use Primitive again for coaching, and would recommend us to others.


"As cliché as it may sound, the life coaching sessions with Dean changed my life. I felt like I was at a stand-still - I was frustrated by my lack of direction and my indecisiveness. After a couple of sessions with Dean, we were able to implement clear and achievable steps towards saving money and obtaining a full time job.

Dean is person-centred and offers goal setting strategies that you take ownership of yourself. It was a wonderful experience, but was also necessary to make things happen in my life.

It is so beneficial to set yourself on a path that you create yourself, and that you are responsible for and excited about. Dean helps you reconnect with the essence of your purpose, and reignites the excitement of working towards aspirations and goals, and ultimately life itself, without fear or overthinking - just transparency and motivation." 

STrategic Planning and COaching client, May 2017

“Dean worked alongside our Board and staff team to facilitate our Strategic Plan. He was able to ask the “tough” questions to enable the organisation to reflect on who we are, what we do and where we want to be in the future.

The planning sessions were structured but flexible enough to ensure everyone’s thoughts and ideas were validated. Somehow by the end of each workshop he managed to pull all the information together into clear and practical goals. Our Strategic Plan has become a “working” document, not tucked away in a drawer never to be seen again! Dean’s ongoing support is ensuring that we are able to take the time and step back so that we can keep our overall goals on track without getting “stuck”  in too much detail.”

outcomes design Client, may 2017

"Thanks to Dean and Primitive, we were able to clearly see the impact we have on the community and prioritise our goals toensure we can work towards our future sustainability."