Human Services


Outcomes collection
Youth consultation


The world has changed around 'for-purpose' organisations. Increased accountability means that we need to be collecting evidence about the changes that we're making in our client's lives. I've worked with dozens of organisations to integrate outcomes and evaluation systems into their work. I believe in data to inform organisational decision-making, and specialise in collaborative design with staff and stakeholders to develop systems which are meaningful to those collecting data. We'll talk  your language and make things simple - whether you need to develop your own outcomes framework, improve your client surveying and collection processes, or implement a fully automated collection system, we have you covered.


While services often experience evaluation as an outsider coming in to look backwards to see if something is working, evaluation is really a mindset. Good evaluation is planned before something starts, collects meaningful information, and can be fed back in real time to assist in incremental improvement. Our low-key approach, expertise in engagement with vulnerable clients and other stakeholders, and collaborative design with on-the-ground practitioners means that you will be a partner in any evaluation you undertake with us. 


Our long professional histories with vulnerable groups combined with our inquiry approaches (coaching, evaluation) makes us uniquely placed to gather feedback and information from communities. We love to include client groups in the design of engagement strategies, and various members of our team have used these approaches extensively in consulting in suburbs/estates, and with children, teenagers, CALD groups, people with disabilities, and people experiencing homelessness.