Impact measurement, outcomes and evaluation

We believe in life-changing human services, and measuring outcomes is an essential starting point in the journey of designing and improving programs and systems.

At Primitive we’ve undertaken significant multi-year evaluations, and our statisticians and data scientists love rigour and crunching numbers. But we’re increasingly choosing to work with clients who understand that evaluation and measurement is the starting point for change and improvement - an evaluation is rarely an outcome in itself.

We also believe strongly in “hands-off” evaluation and impact measurement. In our view, this is a client-centred approach for human services. We don’t think that clients of services should be bothered by surveys and focus groups unless absolutely necessary. Clever quasi-experimental designs and administrative data can often produce useful evaluation and improvement results when scrutinised well. However, we really love qualitative approaches and story-telling bringing our numbers to life - both lack meaning without the other.

Primitive is a member of the Australian Evaluation Society and Dean Williamson is on the Sydney organising committee of the Social Impact Measurement Network of Australia (SIMNA).

Example projects: