This series is an adaptation of some Facebook posts that I put up earlier this year. The series looks at the way that mindsets support people to approach life. As a coach, a tool I use often is to engage a different mindset than my client's default one, and it really produces changed thinking. So enjoy this series on mindsets.

As an aspiring mountain runner, there are so many things that make this video appeal to me, in all of its short 5 minutes. However, one of the highlights is Adam exploring how having a transplanted heart makes him owe the previous owner something. For him, that is enjoying what the heart enables him to do - run. Run lots, run far, run high, and in so doing live a happy life true to himself.

Today, I wonder how we would all live differently if we felt like we owed the world something?

Some ways you could grab hold of this mindset today:

1) List the things you have to be thankful for. The gratitude itself would likely change your day.

2) List the people you owe. Not the "mafia" kind of owing, but the people who have sacrificed or given so that you can be who and where you are. You could go anywhere with this - one way is to say "thank you" (they might not hear it often), another is to think about how you repay them.

3) If you wanted to pack the most into each day in order to make the most of what you have, what would you do? There's a great book by Peter Bregmanan about this called 18 minutes.

Just some ideas. Or just enjoy the video, because it's great, and I have beard envy - only 15 months of growing makes me feel like I'm 12 again...

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