I pride myself on being a pragmatist. If it works, use it. If it doesn't, ditch it. This applies to mindsets too - they are only good if they are useful. And so while this mindset may sound the opposite to mindset #2, it's actually more of a refinement.

It comes mainly from author Mark Manson and his book 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck'. It's an extension of the Buddhist belief that life is suffering, and that striving to perfect and craft life to your will will only increase your suffering:

"There is a premise that underlies a lot of our assumptions and beliefs. The premise is that happiness is algorithmic, that it can be worked for and earned and achieved... If I achieve X, then I can be happy... This premise, though, is the problem. Happiness is not a solvable equation. Dissatisfaction and unease are inherent parts of human nature and necessary components to creating consistent happiness."

He advocates for choosing a small number of things to give your scarce amount of "fucks" about, and letting go of all of the other things that don't make the list.

How you can grab hold of this mindset today:

1) Decide (right now) what would make your "fuck" list for the day. Is it the opinions of others? Is it your bosses unrealistic timeframe? Is it your lunch time in the sun? Choose the important things and appreciate them. Give less fucks about the rest.

2) Choose the 3 things in your life that are really worth your energy and attention. What can you do today to advance or appreciate them?

3) What are some things that you would like to practice letting go of?

For my vid, I've chosen a scene from 'Into the Wild'. It's beautiful and happy and sad and nice, and regardless of what you think of Chris McCandless, he chose the one thing that was important to him over all others - the experience of the wild.